A Global Food Company

Our growing international presence allows us to sustainably feed the world through our global regions, leverage our U.S. exports and focus on innovation. Put our international expertise to work for your business.

Regional Divisions

Our international business is structured into three key regions with in-country production and organizations:
China/Korea, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Europe.



Tyson China/Korea manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in China and South Korea.


Kuala Lumpur

Asia Pacific

Tyson Asia Pacific (APAC) manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia.




Tyson Europe manages the business of Tyson Foods, Inc. in the UK, the Netherlands, and the rest of Europe.


US Exports

For over 60 years, we’ve exported U.S. beef, pork, poultry and prepared foods to over 100 countries across the globe. The Tyson Fresh Meats and Poultry teams have international sales offices dedicated to offering our high-quality products throughout the world. 

As the global population grows, we’ll grow alongside it to meet our consumer’s needs. To do that, we’re focused on matching supply markets with demand markets and responding to local taste preferences of international consumers.
Thailand Innovation


International Innovation

Cultural and consumer preferences can vary significantly from country to country. Our award-winning innovation teams develop unique products to better serve the diverse taste preferences. With international Innovation Centers placed across six countries, we’re positioned to sustainably feed the world while delivering our consumers the flavors they crave.