Around the World

We export to over 100 countries across the globe. And because we're leaders in innovation, stability, and safety, we now play a key role in the global food supply. The result of this large footprint is that we’ve become a go-to supplier for many leading international restaurant, institutional, and retail brands.

Man eating noodles
Help emerging markets emerge

Not only will people find our products in most developed countries, they’ll find us in many emerging markets as well. We now have production facilities in China and India, with poultry production for their own consumers and rising export industry.

Wherever We Go Our Values Go

No matter where our chicken, beef, pork, and prepared food products are sold, we maintain the same high standards we hold ourselves to in the U.S.
We believe in promoting responsible and sustainable business.
We will always support our Team Members and the local communities we operate in.
Ensuring food safety is a priority in all markets including emerging markets.
Indian market

Meeting the tastes of an emerging market

To serve the growing demand for quality poultry in India, we are focused on branded lines for chicken and are offering vegetarian protein options as well.

Chinese food

Feeding an emerging market through production technology

We make and sell premium Tyson® chicken products in China at retail stores and produce a variety of chicken products for restaurants and other foodservice customers through three distinct operations: Tyson Nantong, Tyson Dalong, and Tyson Rizhao.